Big trucks

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North America is all about big trucks. Shiny creatures covered in chrome that thunder along the freeways night and day transporting bricks, beets and Bud Light across the States and beyond. Do their drivers still listen to country music and send enigmatic messages on crackly CB radios?

Duty free shopping?

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Does anyone ever buy overpriced perfumes, cigarettes, metrosexual jewellery and assorted knick knacks on planes these days? I’d love to know. The ever-smiling cabin staff push the trolleys to and fro along the aisles but no-one seems to get out their credit card.

Scandal of the rigged election

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Isn’t it lovely when a plan comes together? It can also be marvellous when plans crumble to dust. I did take a certain malicious glee in reading in higher education’s trade paper THE how Cardiff University’s efforts to appoint a new Chancellor ended in disaster.