Dodgy customer service from the RAC

My RAC subscription is due next month and the letter arrives today. The sum will auto-debit next month but I realise I have a new credit card linked to that payment and it won’t go through on the day. So I do the decent thing and give them a call to let them know the new number. Guess what? The helpful call centre lady can’t just amend my account details, she has to debit the card right away. No thank you. She agrees it’s a silly system and I say goodbye. But not before telling her that the system will now try to debit my old card in mid-May, it won’t work and the RAC will then have to waste time and money tracking me down and sorting it out. Uh? And another thing. The automated message at the start of the call told me they will sell my contact details to other companies if I don’t remember to tell the agent during the call that I don’t want this to happen (well, not quite in those words…). I did remember.

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