Sometimes local is best

It takes just 30 minutes for me to drive into West Sussex. But, oddly, I don’t think I’ve crossed the border for the last couple of years (apart from getting the train to Gatwick Airport which really doesn’t count!).

An out-of-the-blue invitation to a wildlife photography workshop took me to RSPB Pulborough yesterday and was a treat. Lovely people and a bracing walk made it a morning to remember. So I decided to stay on for a few hours. Lunch in Petworth and a brief visit to Bignor Roman Villa then the surprising discovery of the Tinwood estate north of Tangmere meant the chance to taste a little sparkling wine from the Sussex Downs on my way home.

My thoughts as I crossed the county line once more? It’s a beautiful part of the world and you can quickly get off the main road and get pleasantly lost in a tangle of single track roads, fringed with daffodils and the location of seriously expensive houses. The Roman Villa has world-ranking mosaics but is crying out for investment to modernise the displays and tell their story to 21st century visitors. And Tinwood deserves a return visit sometime soon for the daily 3:00pm wine tasting (with an optional cheese board!)

Now, I love to travel and most months I pack a bag and head off for somewhere interesting, whether I’m continuing on my quest to visit all the countries of Europe, or adventuring across the globe soaking up new cultures or visiting far-flung friends. But sometimes it’s fun just to catch up with the neighbours.

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