World-shattering inventions

Every now and again, journalists compile lists of the most important breakthroughs over the last decade or two. The Internet, antibiotics and the contraceptive pill are usually on the list. Thinking about travel (as I often do), I reckon we should honour the bright spark who first put wheels on suitcases. Remember the bad old days when you had to be incredibly strong to take a holiday with more than a handful of T-shirts in an overnight bag? It’s very rare to see anything without wheels on the baggage carousel nowadays. Well done to the man or woman who thought up the idea!

I am now launching another challenge. Will someone please design a hotel door lock that closes securely without making a noise fit to raise the dead? Why is it nigh-on impossible to edge out of your Premier Inn room at Heathrow or Gatwick (other hotels are available) to catch an early flight without feeling incredible guilty? No matter how hard you try to shut the door slowly and gently, the best you can achieve is a very loud click. And why are the closing mechanisms so tight? Successfully manoeuvering cases, bags, your jacket and the keycard is so tricky. You try your best then, BANG! Come on, it can’t be impossible!



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